Success Story

Anthony Marks – Heavy Equipment

Anthony was working part-time as a security officer before starting the Heavy Equipment program at MVCTC. “I enrolled because of the flexible class schedule and options available to me as a working adult. I felt the Heavy Equipment program was well put together and offered a lot of options after graduation,” says Anthony. ”

Anthony explains the benefits of attending MVCTC, “The opportunity that came with the completion of the program. Because of the partnership between MVCTC and Kelchner, Inc., I have now been employed at Kelchner for 1 year. What’s even more amazing is that I have just been promoted for the second time within a year to Project Engineer.”

Anthony explains what MVCTC means to him, “MVCTC means success! MVCTC has put together a first class program that strives to see that each student is successful. Everything I learned in class is applicable to what I do each day at work. The program has opened the door for me to grow in my career. I felt attending MVCTC was one of the best things I have ever done. I am and will always be part of the Miami Valley CTC family!”


Other Success Stories

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