Success Story

Tiphany Anderson – Licensed Practical Nurse

As a working mother, Tiphany was no stranger to hard work. Working as a state-tested nursing assistant (STNA), she longed to take the next steps and achieve the necessary skills to pass the NCLEX and become a Licensed Practical Nurse. The challenge would be balancing her current job, family, and school commitments. With MVCTC, she found the flexibility she needed to do it all.

The MVCTC nursing instructors taught her how to rise above the norm. She learned skills at school that she could immediately apply in the workplace. And, when she eventually passed her boards, she immediately applied for an LPN position and was hired on the spot. “MVCTC exceeded my expectations, “ says Tiphany. It’s a fondness that apparently runs in the family.  Starting in July, her daughter is following in her mother’s footsteps in the MVCTC Nursing Program.

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