Success Story

Emma Blackman-Mathis - Animal Care Technician

For as long as she can remember, Emma Blackman-Mathis has loved animals. She longed for a career in the veterinary field, but she wasn’t sure she was ready to fully invest her time and money into a four-year or more program. So Emma did what many of our other recent high school students here have done. She sampled some courses so she could determine if this was a passion that could possibly become her career. Emma eventually enrolled in the Veterinary Aide program and looks back at that education with nothing but fond memories.

“MVCTC exceeded my expectations,” Emma says, “The program was much more in depth than I expected, and the hands-on training was spectacular.” She was able to attend classes while working full time, and, upon receiving her certificate, accepted a position as Animal Care Technician at The Society for the Improvement the Condition of Stray Animals (SICSA.)  A childhood dream has become reality, thanks to the Adult Education Program at MVCTC.

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